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BOYS U18 ROSTERS UPDATED 3 /31/2022 MAY ROGGE LAWRY KELLY / COCORAN Sullivan Dorrell Sawyer Corcoran Widman Fleming Clark Corcoran Amato Nalls Lawry Kelly Arnold Rogge Richie Phillips Coomes Brown Vaeth Salmon May Brown Weygant Menges Michel Delamater Slagle Schucker Olinger Godwin Coldiron Maisel…

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Micro Classes

Micro 4/5: Advanced (Boys & Girls, Ages 4- 5) Created for kids who are motivated soccer players, Micro classes kick it up a notch. While coaching remains child-centered and fun this curriculum is fundamentals focused and provides game-like situations each week that help solidify…

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For kids who are just getting introduced to organized soccer or who are less competitive by nature but want a great soccer experience. Some kids are a little shy and perhaps not very competitive by nature, but still want to learn a sport and…

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Fun and fast-paced classes for kids who are naturally a little more competitive or with previous class experience. Buckle up! These preschoolers are eager for action and ready to learn. With a curriculum chock full of imaginative games and adventures, these players are going…

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To share and share alike? Not always. These kiddos are raring to go, but need lots of direction to get there. Preschoolers have a hard time sharing, but we help get them there. After all, soccer (and life!) is all about give-and-take. The goal…

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2 1/2 to 3 1/2 AGES Here, preschoolers who are not quite ready to be on the field alone discover some independence. Terrible twos? Not in our opinion! Though toddler behavior can be puzzling, these little ones are just trying to put the pieces…

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