Lil’ Kickers FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial Booking Instructions

  1. Enter your child’s birthdate and location.
  2. View age-appropriate class options.
  3. Read class descriptions to find the best fit for your child and select the class type.
  4. Choose a date and time from the calendar.
  5. Create a profile to sign up.

*If you have multiple children please schedule a free trial for each child.

Free Trial Reschedule/Cancel Appointment Instructions

  1. Login to your profile.
  2. Go to “My Enrollment” in your Dashboard.
  3. Find your Free Trial Class and click “Reschedule/Cancel.”

What to Expect

  1. You will get a confirmation email with reservation details and a reminder 24 hours before your free trial class.
  2. Recommendations:
    1. Bring a water bottle
    2. Wear comfortable athletic clothes and shoes (no cleats)
    3. Arrive 10 minutes early to check in​

Q: What Should my Child wear to Class

A: Participants should wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes (no outdoor cleats). Shin guards are not needed until Micro Classes. Lil’ Kicker jerseys are given to first-time customers, and can thereafter be purchased at a low cost. Outfitting your child in Lil’ Kickers garb is a fun way to make your child feel part of a team.  Kids naturally appreciate looking like older uniformed kids and role models.  

Q: How long are classes?

A: Each of our classes lasts 50 minutes with a water break halfway through.  Between classes, there is a 10-minute break.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We are indoors and climate controlled. No RAIN OUTS.

Q: How long are your sessions?

A: We offer four sessions a year (fall, winter, spring, summer) that break down into approximately 10-11 week cycles. * Some sessions may be less depending on holidays

Q: Can I drop my child off for class?

A: No, classes are 50 minutes and require a parent or guardian to be on-site at all times.

Q: Can I join in the middle of a session?

A: Yes! We offer open enrollment so that you can join anytime and have your class fees prorated. This means that you pay only for the remaining class and not the full session fee.

Q: Can we pay as we go during the session?

A: The session needs to be paid in full at the time of registration to reserve your child’s spot. Please note that we offer open enrollment, we do prorate class fees.

Q: Can I get a Lil’ Kickers discount for entering more than 1 child?

A: Yes! We offer a sibling discount of $18.00 for each additional child registered as long as the children are registered at the same time.

Q: What if I can’t make it to one of my classes?

A: We understand life can get busy and you might have to miss a class. With our easy make-up class policy, you may schedule a make-up class online. Make-up classes are based on availability and must be made within the current session. We will do our very best to accommodate your requests. If you have multiple children, please schedule a make-up class for each child individually.

Q: Can we come on any day?

A: No, in order to maintain class ratios and consistency within the program, we schedule children for specific times and days. When registering, be sure to first determine which day best suits your schedule. Of course, there may be an occasion when a make-up class is needed. In that situation, you can schedule a make-up class for any day in which class space is available. If your schedule changes during the session and you need to switch days, we will try to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. However, changes cannot be guaranteed and are based on space availability.

Q: What are the child to coach ratios for each class?

A: Ratios vary depending on several factors including the mobility of the children in the class, whether parents are participating in the class, and the level of technical instruction required. Typically, if a class has more than 10 children, there will be a second coach. Some exceptions may apply.

Q: Why doesn’t my child play more Soccer in the program?

A: While many soccer programs are busy using traditional soccer skill drills to drive home the fundamentals of soccer, we approach coaching from a child-centered perspective. Because of this perspective, our main goal is to make learning fun for kids. We do this by putting instruction into a context that children understand, using special techniques designed around how kids naturally learn. Lil’ Kickers teaches your child the fundamentals of soccer but focuses on developing the whole child. Our program helps build social, emotional, and cognitive skills that result in our Lil Kickers becoming well-balanced and conscientious individuals on and off the soccer field.

Q: What is the difference between Lil’ Kickers and Battle Ground Soccer?

A: Lil’ Kickers is a child development soccer program that teaches basic skills through fun, creative, and energetic games for ages 18 months to 9. Battle Ground Soccer is an Indoor Soccer League for ages 6 to 18 and features skills and drill warm ups, and a competitive game. The 8U and 10U Battle Ground Divisions feature on field Coaches and learning as well as a fast paced indoor game.

Q: What is your policy for allowing children with special needs into the program? 

A: Children with special needs are welcomed in our program as long as we are equipped to assist them accordingly and with parental help. Please contact your our Lil’ Kickers Coordinator for more information.