If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation the two teams will go to a shootout.

Flip a coin with the visiting team calling the flip (look at the benches to determine) The winner of the coin toss gets to choose whether to shoot first or second.

All players are eligible, with the exception of any player(s) that received a red card during the match.  The Shootout is a set of 3 v 3.  When one team gets an insurmountable lead, they are declared the winner.  If the score is tied at the end of the 3 v 3 portion, the rest of the shootout is 1 v 1.  A team member cannot take a second kick until all his teammates have had an opportunity to shoot (the Keeper is also included as a shooter).  If teams have a differing number of players, once the team with less players starts a second round of shooting, the team with more players have the option to continue with players who have not shot or start a second round as well.

The ball is placed at midfield.  The Keeper must start with at least one foot on the goal line.  The kicker has 8 seconds to score a goal (unlimited number of shots).  Time starts when the ball is touched (put into play) The Keeper may come off the line as soon as the ball is touched. Play continues until the 8 seconds elapses. The ball must be completely over the goal line within the eight seconds, in order for a goal to be awarded.  Should a keeper block the ball into the net the regular restart can be attempted by the field player if time allows.  Ball must be placed and be stationery, no whistle to re-start is necessary.  If the Keeper controls the ball with his hands legally within the penalty arch plays stops and no goal is awarded.

If the Keeper commits a foul the play stops and that round of the shootout becomes a goal.  Should the kicker commit a foul the play stops and that round of the shootout there is no goal scored.

If a yellow card or red card is given during the shootout, play stops with the referee’s whistle.  If it is against the Keeper, that round of the shootout becomes a goal.  If it’s against the shooter that round of the shootout there is no goal scored. If a red card is issued that player is no longer eligible to take part in the shootout. If a red card is issued to a player not involved as the kicker or the Keeper, he is declared ineligible.  The card has no impact on the pending attempt.   

Keepers made be changed at any time.  They need not put on a Keeper’s jersey.