Pro Athleticism 42

Pro Athleticism 42 (Mondays)

High Energy Speed & Agility/ Conditioning Circuit Class

Coached by current Minnesota Twin and former University of Maryland baseball player Alex Robinson.

Every Monday in October (7, 14, 21, 28)

Stationary Bikes, Plyo-Boxes, Medicine Balls, Weighted Vests, Physio-Balls, Resistance Bands, and Agility Ladder.

This class will focus on enhancing agility, improve fast twitch muscles, teach proper weight lifting technique, and condition the athletes.

Athletes will rotate from station to station, keeping their heart rates up, maximizing their workout.

Perfect for athletes of any age and any sport.

Clean, enthusiastic, and up-tempo music will be played during the class.

Former University of Maryland Baseball Player, and current Minnesota Twins’ Alex Robinson will teach this class.

The class will run monthly, paid for in full before the first class begins.

$100 in total for 4 classes.

Individual class sign up is not permitted.

Refunds for missed classes are granted, ONLY if the athlete or their guardian contacts Harford Sports, 24 hours before the class for a medical reason with a doctor’s note.