Lil’ Bambino’s

Baseball Program for Kids 3 to 5 years old


We are no longer offering this program at this time


Lil Bambinos Baseball is a Beginner Baseball Class to teach the very basics of the game.

NO special equipment is needed for this class, just need to dress for athletic activities. 

These Classes are extremely SLOW and repetitive. We WILL do the same things each week which are the basics of the game. We will not move forward until the can do the very basics. Once players develop and can successfully do this class they can move up to our next division.

  • Catching – We do not use gloves. We use different balls teaching how to catch.
  • Throwing – Throwing overhand and accurately is quite the process.
  • Hitting – T work and front toss with whiffle balls.
  • Base Running – A ton of focus on this as it is a very important part of the game.
  • Learning the Positions and staying in them. Making plays from that position.
  • Basic Motor Skills
  • Athletic Movement
  • Following Directions
  • Child Development

This is a slowed down version of the game and is NOT baseball games, T-Ball, or played on a field.

This is the very basic of learning America’s Past Time and the great game of baseball. 

Some parent involvement may be required.

Classes are $18 each or you can purchase a package of 10 sessions for $150

How to Register

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  • Once you have you account and are logged in / go to schedule on that menu bar
  • Click Camps and Clinics and find Lil’ Bambino’s
  • Pick your dates and register

If you would like to purchase the 10 session package click packages under the menu bar and select the Lil’ Athletes Package. After you purchase your package you can pick your classes, add them to your cart and the package credits will come up to check out.

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