Coach Jerry “Kal” Kalista

Coach Jerry Kalista - C.M. Wright Varsity Pitching Coach
Coach Jerry Kalista – C.M. Wright Varsity Pitching Coach

June 1, 2016


Baseball players having good speed does not necessarily mean they are good baserunners. In baseball, speed is a great equalizer. Just because a player doesn’t have good speed, does not mean they cannot become a great baserunner. That’s right…a great baserunner. There is a significant difference between speed and smarts. Unfortunately, speed and smarts do not work hand in hand. Bridging the gap between speed and smarts is one of baseball’s biggest enemies. Bridging that gap is also a great opportunity.

You shouldn’t be satisfied being just a good base-runner. Ball players should strive to be excellent baserunners. You may ask, how can I do that? First…set your goals high. Second…demand excellence. Lastly…the most important of them all, never take a day off in practice or games.

In order to become an excellent base-runner, you must be aggressive. You should always look to take an extra base. You should put constant pressure on the opposition’s defense. You should always run hard and don’t take situations for granted. You need good judgment in reading batted balls and knowing where the defense is positioned on every pitch. Know your physical limitations and always be in position to take advantage of baserunning opportunities. Know when to take a chance and when not to take a chance. Know who throws well and who doesn’t. Know how the outfielders move to batted balls and their arm strength. Anticipate all possible situations and rarely make a poor decision. Run the bases with your head and eyes. Be a thorn in the side of the other team. Make the pitcher and catcher re-evaluate pitch selection and never, I mean never, miss a sign. Understand the importance of a good primary, secondary and walking lead. Get good jumps. Create good angle turns. Minimize the distance between the bases. Be sure to use good running form and technique.

Never be satisfied. Be accountable for your actions.

Always be Positive!     Always Give 100%!

Coach Jerry “Kal” Kalista

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