7 – 9 is online registration is under leagues.

4-6 is online under Camps/Clinics then Baseball PDP

This sold out in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 so DON’T Wait to Register!

This is the best instructional fall baseball in the county

Harford Sports 2020 Fall Baseball season featuring Games and Training:

AGES 7-9 Starting September 11, 2020

  • $99 Per Player for 8 weeks ages 7-9 Online Registration is under Leagues
  • Includes uniform (Hat & Jersey)

AGES 4-6 (Starting September 12, 2020)  

  • $90 Per Player FOR 8 weeks  ages 4-6 Online Registration is under Camps/Clinics – Baseball PDP
  • Includes uniform (Hat & Jersey)

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!  In the past some families have waited until July to start asking about registration.  As Fall Baseball grows more popular each year we have significantly less room to accommodate late requests.

How to Register

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If you need to create a new account you can pay through our Secured Website by clicking the button below. 

  • Click the “Register Now” button below (takes you to our online secured server)
  • Enter your User Name and Password. New Clients, Click “Not Registered? Register Here.”
  • Follow the Directions to get into or create your account.
  • Under the Menu Bar under “Schedule, Click 
    • Leagues for ages 7-9
    • Camps/Clinics for ages 4-6
      • Click Baseball PDP
  • Put it in your Cart, Check Out, and you are done.

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“So excited to get this message!  Our son, Ronnie Abreu, will be signing up for Fall Ball again this year.  He learned so much last year that he has applied those lessons to his clinic this summer.  We are proud to say t11986928_1020605347971224_8866043250026310549_nhat he was moved up to play with the 6-7 year age group and he is still only 5 and a half and even made the All-Star team!  He never fails to remind us where he learned certain things “I learned that at my fall clinic with Coach Corey”!  So he is super excited to come back again and learn more! He is still switch hitting, but his catching and fielding is one of the best in his league and it is all thanks to Fall Ball”.  ~Jenny and Wascar Abreu


My Son Trent started with Coach Taylor and Harford Sports in 2010. We watched as Harford Sports grew and our son advanced to new levels. We were there when PDP was founded, we were there when HS256 was born and we were the only customer, we have been there through it all and our son has developed into a D1 College Athlete. We credit our son's work ethic and determination for his success, but without the guidance, training, mentoring, coaching, programs, & facility Harford Sports has provided he would not have been able to grow into the man and baseball player he has become. Now a Sophmore and starting catcher in college, Trent still stays in touch, trains in the off season, and visits Harford Sports every chance he gets.
We are very Grateful for the Coaching Staff, and the facility Coach Taylor has provided for the athletes of Harford County.

The Gast-Woodard Family Thanks you.

Jodi Gast-Woodard
Client and Baseball Mom

I am Grateful for Harford Sports

Justin Shelley
Former Player and Client


4-6 Indoor Player Development:

  • Saturday Mornings 10am to 11am. This is a Player Development Program
  • Begins September 12 , last session October 31, 2020  (8 weeks)
  • Indoors at Harford Sports
  • Players receive 20ish minutes of  instruction & 40ish minutes of game time/field instruction or a combination thereof.
  • To Register log on to your online account or create one. Selct Camps/Clinics, then Baseball PDP

7-9 Indoor PDP League:           

  • FRIDAY NIGHTS  5:30pm – 7:00pm & 7:30 – 9:00 Slots
  • Teams will alternate game time slots and most likely have four %:30pm games and four 7:30pm games but that will be determined by the amount of teams that sign up. Limited to 6 teams per slot
  • Begins September 11, 2017 last session October 30 (8 weeks)
  • Indoors at Harford Sports

BOTH GROUPS OF Players receive 45 minutes of cage instruction AND 45 minutes of game time/field instruction

Individual or Team signups are Welcome. You can register and sign up an entire team or sign up individually and we will draft you on a team. You can register on our secured website or in person at Harford Sports.

We are only taking 120 players so space is very limited. Sign up today.

This is open to ALL players and ALL Recreation Councils.

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!  In the past some families have waited until July to start asking about registration.  As Fall Baseball grows more popular each year we have significantly less room to accommodate late requests.

We are also in need of Coaches to take teams… please email us ASAP for more information and to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register??  See directions above.
  • Is this league worth it for my son?  We can assure you that the most cost effective way to prepare your son for the upcoming spring year is to enroll him in Fall Baseball.  It is apparent every year that the boys who improved the most between seasons are the ones who played Fall Baseball. Because Fall Baseball players join teams at the age group they will play for in the upcoming spring, this is an especially great opportunity to prepare boys who are moving up in age group next year.



  • The distances between the bases shall be 50 feet for 7-9 and 40 feet for 4-6. Distances to the bases are measured from the point at the rear of home plate to the back edge of the base (or in the case of second base, to the point of the base pointing toward the outfield)
  • The distance to the pitcher’s mound shall be 30 – 35 feet. (Coach Pitch)


  • Game balls are supplied (RIF5)
  • Both teams should place all trash including debris left by others in designated trashcans


  • They must assist with the cleanup of all trash including debris left by others


  • Coaches will pitch to the batters
  • After 6 pitches, the ball will be placed on a Tee to move the game along


  • Safety is the responsibility of each coach. Make certain that no one is swinging a bat around the players. There are no on deck hitters in this league. Players MUST remain in the enclosed bench area until it is their turn.
  • Each Team will bat the lineup before the inning is over. We play as many innings as time allows. Score will NOT be kept as this is for tarining purposes only.
  • Take care in positioning fielders; first baseman should be able to catch, infielders need to watch for batted balls.
  • All players must play the field each inning and bat. There is no restriction to the number of fielders or batters.
  • Positions should be rotated (i.e., Infield to outfield, outfield to infield). Regular infield positions should be used (except catcher) with the rest of the players spread out in the outfield.
  • All batters will advance to bases as necessary , except for last batter of each half inning who will hit a home run.
  • Games will consist of as many innings as time allows.
  • There will be no catcher in either age group.
  • Fielders may not stand on the base and should be taught how to cover a base when a play is being made or to clear a base when no play is being made.
  • If an out is recorded, the runner is permitted to stay on the base. All players will bat each inning. Coaches are permitted on the field to offer instruction to the players.
  • Coaches are encouraged to call time-out and instruct the players and teach the players while the team is being played.
  • Parents are not allowed on the field.
  • All games will officially end in a tie, no standings will be maintained.
  • No sliding at 1st base or head first sliding.


  • 4-6 and 7-9 games and practices should be targeted to 40-45 minutes in length
  • Coaches are responsible for the actions of their fans. Every effort should be made to make the game of baseball at Harford Sports a positive experience. Parents are reminded that this is a non-competitive clinic and is meant to teach the fundamentals of the game and skills involved with playing. By making participation a positive experience their children will build an appreciation for the game and can experience the joy of playing the game of baseball