Boys Lacrosse


What if There Was No Off-Season?

If your team had the means to play and train with the right tools regardless of weather conditions, how much could they improve?

Whether you’re a player, coach, or team; Harford Sports provides all the necessary tools to get the job done. Bigger, Faster, Stronger….Make a Difference!

Below are some options we have available to help you train:

  • Fully lined Indoor Field 200X80 with  premium performance turf to help prevent injuries
  • Team Training Annex 100×40 and 40×40 with Wall Ball Walls
  • Multiple lacrosse goals
  • An additional 50X70 turf open training area with 50 X 12  block wall for wall ball
  • 20×12  block wall for wall ball in weight room training area
  • Full weight room and conditioning area
  • Lacrosse specific strength and conditioning classes
  • Private Lessons and Training
  • Leagues and Tournaments
  • Team Rentals
  • Leagues Are Available NOW for All Ages and Abilities »
  • Programs – Such as Clinics Registering NOW »