Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties and Private Special Events

Harford Sports offers fantastic Birthday Party and Private Events packages for a FUN filled event whether it’s a Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Fundraiser, Graduation Party, After Prom Party, or a Movie Night. Select from our many choices for a one of a kind party. Your Sports related party has many choices:
  • Baseball Cages
  • Softball Cages
  • Dodge-ball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Kick Ball
  • HitTrax Baseball and Softball Simulator 
  • or just about anything you think of doing on our indoor field.

For booking information and more details, email

Keep it Simple Party = $280 for 2 hours


  • Birthday Party Room Mezzanine for 2 hours.
  • Party Coach for 2 hours
  • Turf Field for 1 hour (See below for sports options)
  • Fun for 2 hours


  • 1 Hour extra $140
  • Batting Cage $40/hour
  • HitTrax Hitting Simulator $60/hour (comes with Batting Cage)

The Ultimate Party Experience!

I would like to thank Harford Sports Performance Center for hosting Saturday evening for Austin's birthday party. The kids loved it!! Harford Sports has been a great place for Austin and myself to use, and the instructors have done a fantastic job helping Austin with pitching and hitting fundamentals and skills. If anyone is looking for a place for their kids to gain valuable baseball or softball skills, Harford Sports Performance Center is the place to go. ~ 
Brian Barnes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many kids can we invite?

A: As many as you want, but we HIGHLY recommend 16-20 tops. In our experience having too alters the game enjoyment. We also recommend keeping the kids around the same age.

Q: Can We bring in outside food and drinks?

A: Yes, you can bring anything you wish with the exception of Alcohol. Alcohol on premise is strictly prohibited. 

Q: Where do you recommend getting Pizza from?

A: Little Caesars is the cheapest, but you have to pick it up. If you want delivery, any place local is fine.  

Q: What do you supply?

A: The Field, The Party Room Mezzanine, Tables, Chairs, Party Coach, Balls, and FUN. (Batting Cages and HitTrax are extra)

Q: Do you supply Table Cloths or Decorations?

A: No, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Q: Do you supply Sporting Equipment?

A: Balls Only 

Q: How much is the deposit?

A: $100

Q: Do you have freezer for our Ice Cream Cake?

A: Yes, we have a freezer. 

Q: Are we supposed to tip the Party Coach

A: YES, if they do a great job. 

Q: Can we extend our time or purchase extra time?

A: Yes, subject to availability.