The Hitting League is a competitive league designed for fast paced excitement.


Saturday JANUARY 5,12,19 FEBRUARY 9, 16, 2019 Times between 5pm & 9pm and will be announced once registrations are received.

The league consists of simulated games with 3 to 4 players per team who compete in a pool play league format with the end of league tournament to decide the Championship.

Games consist of players hitting baseballs  pitched in a front toss manner by one of the umpires behind a net 20′ from home plate.

The games are scored based on where the ball is hit within our cages divided into single, double, triple, and home run areas as well as areas for outs and double plays. Our batting cages will be divided into 18′ wide cages to allow for better trajectory and being able to see the true flight of the ball. With most at bats lasting only one pitch, every team will play a Double Header each week consisting of 6 innings or 16 minutes per game.

Age Groups / Divisions :

8 to 10U

11U to 12U

13U to 14U

High School to Unlimited

Fee : $200 per Team

League Rules:

* Team Rosters will be made up of 3 – 4 players.

* Games can be played with as few as 2 players in the lineup.

* Fewer then 2 players will result in an automatic out each inning.

(Substitutes may be used but may not be on another teams roster in that division.)


* Games will be 6 inning games. If the score is tied after 6 innings , we will go to a tie breaker.

* 32 minute time limit to complete the 2 games

* First 4 weeks will be pool play with the 5th week the end of season tournament with brackets determined by the results of pool play.

* Teams should report 10 minutes before their scheduled start time.

* Games are pitched/umpired by the Coach or Staff.

* All umpire calls are final!

* No player can play on two different teams within the same Age Group/Division.

Tie Breaker

Each player (4 total at bats) will hit once. The tie breaker is determined by the number of hits per team.

If each team gets the same amount of hits, we will go to sudden death. In sudden death, each team chooses one player to get one at bat. If each player gets a hit, teams can

chose a different player or they can keep the same player hitting for the second round. This will continue until one player gets a hit while the other teams player gets an out.

For More information or to Register Please Contact Kevin Miller.