Looking to get to the Next Level?
We’ve got you covered!

Harford Sports Performance Center offers the best indoor practice solution for baseball in Harford County. We’re dedicated to all of our local rec, travel, club, and school teams as well as every player who walks through our doors train. Get to the Next Level at Harford Sports. Features include:

  1. 8 Sports Grass Tunnels
  2. 6 Hitting & 2 Pitching Tunnels
  3. A full indoor field, full infield and outfield for 60 foot and 70 foot teams.
  4. Indoor games, tournaments, leagues, and scrimmages.

We also have plenty of field space for the 90ft teams and a fantastic weight room and strength/conditioning area. We offer year-round training with multiple membership opportunities, online scheduling, and plenty of equipment for you to get to the next level. With our utility space, you can grab the free weights, work on quick feet ladder drills, or fire your core up with our med balls.

We have a NSPA Certified Personal Fitness Instructor, Scott Freitag, whose ready and willing to whip you into shape when you sign up online for one of his agility or skills training sessions. Our clinics offer baseball players of every level an opportunity to learn from instructors who have played all over the country.

HSTA Offers…